In Rainbows and Pie

so this whole blog has started off very slowly, i realized that i have little to say i guess! So i will try again and see if i get into this whole thing.

Today is Friday 12th October, the beginning of the weekend. We all also missed the unluckiest date of the year by one number. I have a band incase you dont know, and we are starting to gig again after months of song writing, and not getting particularly far either.

i will list two gigs. the 26th October, a battle of the bands at the Agincourt in Camberley, is gonna be great seeing as it will be our first gig in a long while and it is competitive and the 17th November at Christchurch, Chineham which will be equally great because its my birthday! Hurrah! Prior to my birthday i can’t stop drooling over guitars and amplifiers which interest me for my birthday.

So right now it is 18:05 and i am writing this with The Simpsons on. There has just been a hurricane and Ned Flanders is considerably distraught. Shame…

I think I’ve just about run out of things to say. i think after every post ill leave a little picture as a gift. This picture probably will relate to nothing.

Sayonara, Jordan xo


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