Soaking up the illness

so at this moment in time i am under the weather with a case of the sniffs which today resulted in staying in bed watching the muse absolution tour dvd for maybe the fifteenth time and reading vast quantities of eric claptons autobiography. Did you know once he go high on acid and played a gig and believed that he could change the crown into angels and demons depending on what note he played.

I am finally getting a decent amp! Marshall AVT150 half stack, beauty. Hopefully i can get it in time for the gig at The George next thursday. I have no idea how to do my history homework.

I’m really looking forward to The Mighty Boosh series 3 episode 2 and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, not sure what series but also episode 2. Noel Fielding appears in both this week. Oh and also i learnt the intro to Little Wing today, tres proud.


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