RE: NME magazine

Occasionally, i buy NME magazine. there are some parts of it which i enjoy, but its not up until today that i have realized how ridiculous they are as a whole. To start with, this weeks front cover, apart from a big picture of Morrissey regarding the interview with him which ill talk about in a minute, bears the quote “NEW YEARS EVE: where to find the best indie parties”. The phrase in itself is pathetic, what exactly is an “indie party”? This put off me off buying it, but i did anyway and inside is even worse.

From the first page, it is blatently obvious what their aim is, not to write a good magazine, but to write about the same thing every week in the hope that their ‘indie readers’ will be attracted by this. Looking through the magazine, there is no less than 6 pictures of Thom Yorke, many mug shots of that pretentious prick ‘The Rev’ from Reverand and the Makers, and i couldn’t even count the number of further quotations referring to indie and neon.

But what annoyed me the most about the whole thing is the Morrissey interview. The front cover bears the quotes ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ and a quotation by Morrissey which has been manipulated to read ‘The Gates of England are flooded. The country’s been thrown away”. It isn’t hard to realize that Morrissey here is referring to immigration. In the actual interview, NME claim that ‘this is not the first time that Morrissey has trod clumsily around the area of immigration’, yet NME bring this subject upon him by asking him questions such as ‘Are you annoyed at the world?, and ‘Is there any hope for the future?’. The way in which they can turn a story like this and spill all the blame on Morrissey is incredible, and there are no surprises that Morrissey is sueing NME. And whilst NME claim that Morrissey would not change the subject onto something different, this is merely because NME were repeating the same question to him, ‘Do you think some people could find your comments offensive?’. How can Morrissey possibly change the subject when asked an almost rhetorical question is asked such as this. Any way, enough of that.

Dont get me wrong, some parts i like, why else wouldi buy the magazine, but the NME writers and editor really need to break free from this whole visade and write about something important instead of Gerard Way and his new book.

Sorry about the vast amount of writing, but i Believe NME need to sort their priorities out before other people cotton on.

Jordan x


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