Allow me to get technical

Oh no. My ongoing obsession with every guitar effect related has crept upon me once again. I just waste time looking at boutique guitar pedals which i could not afford at this moment in time, such as the Subdecay Noise Box and the Line 6 FM4 filter modeler. The title does say allow me to get technical…

I am in desperate need for a job, not so i can just buy guitar related goods but so i can buy other things. Maybe a guitar for instance.

I think about writing things on this, then i turn against it, thinking no one will care, but its my blog and surely i am meant to write whats going on in my life? ssseeeyyyyyy. so i will.

I have started music coursework which is actually pretty cool, i have ideas and notations and carvings out in my brain. What else is there, XhmmmmmmmX. Not a lot, oh yeah i got my highest score ever on Through the Fire and Flames on medium. 277772 points, 94% of notes hit. Top that, motherbitch.

Got Gym tomorrow for activities, yay. I’m gonna be feeling the burn, putting those calf muscles to the test, forcing torture upon the triceps. Sweating for third world countries. Good fun though.

I hope people who do read this enjoyed the Radiohead video below, it is a treasure and i was pleased to actually receive a comment on it, cheers Woodsy. It actually makes me wonder how many people read this. I swear they used to have a thing where you could see the number of views you have received, but maybe thats just where the myspace home page has embedded into memory.

If you want some excellent Radiohead clips, search ‘radiohead scotch mist’ or ‘radiohead thumbs down’. Sty Sf Nd gdnght x

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