Never have i been so excited for a gig

So tomorrow i am off to the London Roundhouse, Camden to see Morrissey, which will be amazing. I have seen him before at the Portsmouth Guildhall which was great and the rave reviews lead me to believe that tomorrow night will be even better. As long as he plays How Soon is Now and The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.

So yes i am leaving for London with my dad tomorrow at about 5, catching the train up there, get some dinner, go to the gig, have a good time. Then i have band practice on saturday which will be wicked, hopefully get a song or two done and just get tight for our first gig on the 17th February. Fantastique!

If you like dub music, or have not really given it much of a listen and want to, download the album ‘Jonny Greenwood is the Controller’, which is a selection of 17 songs picked by Jonny Greenwood from the Trojan Records back catalogue. Also an essential listen is ‘Black Panta’ by Lee Perry and the Upsetters, bear in mind this isn’t an album, it’s a single. Two absolutely wicked records. I also like the new Mars Volta album ‘The Bedlam in Goliath’, although i do not love it. And one more, the latest Jimmy Eat World album ‘Chase This Light’, brilliant.

Well now i am off to try and do a maths calculator paper, then watch ‘A Boy called Alex’ at 9 which is about that 16 year old musical prodigy with cystic fibrosis, and then ‘Convention Crasher’ at 10 with Justin Lee Collins just coz he is funny and a funny kind of chubby. Really chubby.

bye bye bye bye bye ye ye ye ye e e e e xx x x x


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