What happened there?

Cryptic riddles, ‘meaningless antibiotics’ and being bitterly dissapointed made up last night. I’ll tell the whole story, which i must say is probably worth reading because its a good story.

So me and my dad left at about quarter to five yesterday to catch a train to London, incase you didn’t know already, to go and see Morrissey. After getting a train and then getting a tube to Chalk Farm station, we were greeted by the Roundhouse itself after a mere 200m walk from the station. By this time it was about six a clock and way too early to wait around to get in, so we went to the Italian opposite the venue, which i must say was very nice indeed. By the time we had had our meal it was about quarter past seven, so we went to the Roundhouse to get psyched up for one of the best nights ever. At seven thirty, the support band ‘Girl In A Coma’ came on. Incase none of you know Morrissey or the Smiths very well, The Smiths had a song called ‘Girlfriend In a Coma’, so i didn’t know what to think of this band, whether they’d be a band completely trying to be the Smiths, or just a coincidental name. It happened to be that they were really quite good. After the support band i went and bought a t-shirt, cmon’, who doesn’t at gigs!

So me and my dad squeezed our way to, near enough, the front, as roadies set up Mozzas stage whilst projections of films starring James Dean and The New York Dolls where projected onto a very large curtain. Morrissey was due on at nine, and at quarter to nine, the curtain was dropped and the crowd became ecstatic. Morrissey and the lads came on after a brief intro, and began, strangely, with Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. I thought this was a weird song to start with, but nevertheless there was an inevitable mass singalong. The next song was ‘Last of the Famous International Playboys’, which was an excellent version and really got the crowd moving. However by this point Morrissey had let the crowd sing a lot of the words of both songs he had played so far, I wondered whether he was doing it for sheer pleasure for himself or whether he was still poorly, Morrissey had been struggling with a sore throat since Monday. The third song was a new one ‘Something is Softly Squeezing at my Skull’. This is a new song which will be on his next album, and is surprisingly heavy for a Morrissey track. Seeing as we didn’t know this song yet, the crowd were unable to singalong. After this song he said something which i managed to hear ‘Rohypnol, anti-depressants, antibiotics, meaningless’. The crowd thought nothing of it, after all it is typical Morrissey. The next song was ‘I Just Want to See The Boy Happy’, one of my favorites.

The band played this perfectly and it was sounding great, but Morrisseys voice was becoming incresingly strained. Before the second chorus he changed the original lyrics of ‘lets face it, soon i will be dead’, to, ‘lets face it, in ten minutes i will be dead’. It was at this point that he stopped singing completely, turned his back to the crowd for about a minute and a half whilst he took some pills and had a drink, and then simply walked off the stage. The band had to finish the song and then followed Morrissey off the stage.

The crowd were left disillusioned, with no one on stage. The football chants were being sung, encouraging the Moz back on stage, but nothing happened for atleast fifteen minutes. We all waited for some news, after fifteen minutes i couldn’t imagine Morrissey coming back on stage, I know that he has simply walked off stage before, and it is very upsetting for the audience, especially after me and my dad had payed a large amount of money for our two tickets.

After the fifteen minute wait, Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and David Walliams walked onto the stage, Jonathan Ross seemed to be filming the crowd, who at this point were not in the mood to be filmed. Russell Brand took to the mic to talk to everyone, but was greeted with half full pints of beer and all sorts, inside i felt extremely fulfilled, i am not fond of Russel Brand. After the onslaught of booing and throwing, Russell managed to inform us that ‘Stephen Patrick Morrissey is extremely unwell and is unable to carry on tonight’, and promised us that if we hold on to our tickets, we will get a refund as such. This was being done whilst Jonathan Ross was making jokes about Russell being the last of the famous international playboys.

So the crowd left, no one seemed too surprised, but everyone dissapointed, it was extremely annoying. Aslong as we get to go see Morrissey again with the tickets, i am not too bothered.

In the end me and my dad went to the bar next door which was playing Smiths and Morrissey songs all night. Good times. Then we went home, ae honey on toast then went to bed.

So it wasn’t the best possible scenario in any case, but it was interesting, and atleast we managed to see him play four songs, better than none. I hope this wasn’t too long and i am not boring you to death. I’ll stop now.

bye! x


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