Chronological Order

I need to update this more often. Anyway, i had a moment of curiosity and i feel the need to write down every band which i have seen live and see how many bands i have seen in total. I don’t want to do it to show off, i am seriously curious. I am going to do it in chronological order too, from my very first gig to the last gig i attended. Here it goes:


Saves The Day

Death Cab For Cutie



Taking Back Sunday



Death Cab For Cutie-again

The Fratellis-around this point, i lost the ticket

We Are Scientists

Brand New

Forward Russia



Chrome Hoof

Shy Child



Pama International

The View

The Cribs

Modest Mouse

Bright Eyes

Bloc Party

The Fratellis


Arctic Monkeys

Grim Northern Social

Get Well Soon

Josh Pyke

The Enemy

The Maccabees

Paul Weller

The Kooks

The Killers

Lots of random bands i forget

Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack


Lights And Sounds


Girl In a Coma

Lightspeed Champion

Jimmy Eat World

Hot Chip

That is everyone i can remember! The bands in bold are the bands i saw at Glastonbury 2007, I spent a lot of the days walking around and i was there all day on Thursday, so i saw lots of weird and wonderful things and bands, not forgetting the sweeeet smell of marijuana in the air. I can now look back on this when i am old and frail and think how cool i used to be. Bring on reading 2008 and many more gigs to come.

And happy St Patricks Day for yesterday! x

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