Saturday the Fifth of April Two Thousand and Eight

I am at my dads flat right now just chilling out listening to the amazing band Colour and being tired. I stayed at Jacks flat last night with a few others which was good fun, we did some good pranks, listened to Macy Gray and had general fun. I had to sleep on a floor with a Primark throw blanket which barely covered my torso. Rubbish.

I played a gig last night at Oakridge Community Centre, it was rubbish, lets be honest. There was barely anyone there, although we played quite well. And the venue was crap! I learnt a good lesson from that, never play a gig at Oakridge again. Why did we even accept it in the first place? I do not know.

I am completely shattered today, i woke up at 7 today after going to bed at approximately half past two in the morning, then went to Sainsburys and bought loads of food and drink. Then i went into town to meet Kate which was nice. I don’t think i have plans for tonight, i am going to stay in and chillaxxxxx.

Almost all of my good friends went on the school ski trip yesterday, so yesterday i had barely any friends to be with at school and i miss them. I wish i went too! I hope they are having a good time though. Colorado would be such a cool place to go to, i hate them all!

I have to say that i absolutely love Pretty Odd, the new PATD album. I haven’t listened to an album so much since With Love and Squalor by We Are Scientists came out. That has to be one of my favourite albums of all time, their new album is such a letdown. The incredible speed at which techonlogy is moving seems to force bands to squueze in as many electronic elements into music as possible. Bands need to realize that sometimes it simply isn’t necessary, some music sounds excellent without synths or samples. However, if used effectively it can be marvellous.

So yes, buy Pretty Odd and remember, you cannot polish a turd. x


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