I’m going to list off every subject that i finish, just so i keep track and that i can bore you all. I didn’t finish the paper, because there was so much to write. My hand really hurts. It was easy though, so there you are. It doesn’t even feel like a GCSE, i wasn’t one bit nervous and when i realize that that is my last chance to get the pest possible grade, it still doesn’t make me optimistic or excited. It’s a good thing though i guess, i don’t want to get all worked up over exams.

I downloaded the new album by Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs, on monday. I am listening to it now for the fourth time, please, please, please, buy it, it is absolutely brilliant. Seriously. It is one of the best written albums i have heard in so long, the attention to musical detail is great and the structure of each songs is flawless. Each melody fits its accompaniment perfectly and the recording is just, too good. so go and buy it or download it. I feel bad that i didn’t buy it to be honest, but i will start buying cd’s when i can actually afford it. Once my exams are over i am going to get a job and work loads in the first few weeks so i can get loads of money for the summer. Atleast that is the plan.

So i’m feeling pretty chilled out about now, i have a business and communications exam tomorrow, which if you do not know is the easiest exam/subject in the entire world. It just involves writing letters and memos and doing spreadsheets. A small bird could do it. So i feel like i do not need to do ridiculous amounts of revision tonight. 🙂

I would like a nice dinner tonight. peeeeeeeeece. x

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