This weekend has been weird.

Friday was the last school day before half term, so for some reason everyone in my year were signing eachothers school shirts, which is stupid because its not as if the school aren;t going to sort something out anyway. People in my year are so impatient. After school i did nothing, just stayed at home and played guitar and played on my new phone.

Saturday, i woke up about 9:50am, watched shipwrecked with a cup of tea and bacon sarnies, went to my dads about 1ish, watched the cricket and the Hull vs Bristol play off final, then went into town at 4. I met up with various people and walked around town for three hours. I hate walking round town. It is so tedious and skull-numbing. And people wonder why i never go out. People should stay in more. At 7, it was Jacks birthday meal at Cafe Piccolo. It was a bit of a shambles since they never actually had the table of 20 down, but we got a table eventually, and i had a lovely meal. Thanks jack! After the meal and a fit-to-burst stomach, we walked down to Costello, where there was a gig which consisted of A Stranger in Moscow, Jaimison and Canterbury. Unfortunately i missed ASIM since i was at the meal, i haven’t seen them before either so it would be nice to see them. Jaimison and Cantebury were both excellent though, well played. There wasn’t that great a turnout though, i was expecting more people. After the gig i went back to Jack’s with people for a bit, made a kickass paper aeroplane and then went back to my dads for some sleep.

Today, i woke up early at my dads because i always do, went back to my mums at 11 and got ready for band practice at half 12. The band practice was very good, we went over our set a few times and wrote a new song, which took us a maximum of half an hour. And it sounds so good. It is most definately our heaviest song but i love it personally. And then that has been it for today, im going to stay up real late tonight just to prove to the world that i dont need much sleep when it is half term. I’m going to set up the ps2 in my room and play fifa 2007 all night. Man i love that game SO MUCH, it is absolutely excellent.

Well done to Doncaster for winning the League one playoff today aswell. We’ll be seeing you in the championship 😉 x


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