Queens of The Stone Age

I’m listening to the album ‘Songs for the Deaf’ by QOTSA and fully realized what a great band they are. How their musical ideas are so good and simple yet you really appreciate them. I also love Josh Homme’s guitar tone, bet you didn’t know that he plays through bass cabs, thats how he gets that proper smooth sound. I thought it was just an amazing neck pickup or something. The fact he is often tuned to C standard also gives the music something, even if it is a pain in the ass to tune my guitar down just to learn some of their songs.

I’d say my three biggest influences to my guitar playing have to be Matt Bellamy, Johnny Greenwood and Josh Homme. All for their unconventional ways to playing the guitar, but still manage to maintain a listenable style. I’m in a very musical mood today, because i had band practice and it went really well and guitar takes my mind off of everything, its a miracle invention.

We have a gig at The George in Andover on thursday. I like the gigs there, the stage is real small but the sound there is always really good, i’m just hoping for the same thing on thursday. Everyone should come along! 🙂

I bought so much food from Tesco today at band practice. I bought it, sat on a hill with Hame, Lee and Andy and emptied my Tesco carrier bag and realized how greedy i was, so i didn’t eat it all. Now i have a ‘deep fill chicken & stuffing’ sandwich sitting on my amp waiting to be eaten. I am going to eat it at exactly 00:00, so it is truly a midnight snack.

I’ve got to find a film to watch tonight too, i’m thinking filmfour? We’ll see.

im still not good xx

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