What makes a person addicted to something? It could be something like a drink, a boyfriend/girlfriend, it could be anything. In my case at the moment it is Xbox 360. it’s ridiculous. I guess you can call it psychological dependance. that’s why drug addicts get hooked on heroin, cocaine, whatever. The only way to get addicted to something is to abuse it. This allows the choice of getting addicted to something to be completely down to us. We can’t determine whether we will be addicted to something, we find out as soon as we crave that very something. It stimulates our brain and our brain needs that stimulation on a regular basis. So i’m gonna keep feeding it with headshots on COD!

This is the consequence of my day. It’s heaven. Waking up to an empty house, being allowed to do what i want. It’s so good, it feels like all the revision and the exams have finally paid off, like a huge weight from my shoulders. but of course nothing is perfect, therefore someone has told hayfever to come upon me like a swarm of locusts. My left eye is completely bloodshot, still. it’s extremely hard to not rub it. But i will live with it.

Insects also like me. Biting insects. I love finding a new bite on my body every day, sometimes i wonder why i am so attractive to those specimens with wings and double or triple the amount of legs which we humans possess.

I have this new huge interest in psychology and NLP. NLP stands for neuuro linguistic programming. It is a form of hypnosis, but the person being hypnotized is not put under, he is awake, and NLP uses gestures and words to trigger off actions in the sub conscious mind. Sound fimiliar? Yer, Derren Brown uses NLP for all of his tricks. I’m going to see if i can learn it to some acceptable degree. Just because i have been extremely skeptical of Derren Brown. Although his tricks are undoubtedly very, very clever, i find it hard to believe them, even though I can’t justify my argument. So I’m going to see if i can learn it. there.


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