The Last Few Days

have been absolutely fantastic. Staring off with prom and the after party on friday, which just gets better every time i think back to it, saturday which consisted of sleeping, watching Holland vs Russia which was incredible and the Amir Khan fight which was possibly even more incredible, and then yesterday which consisted of band practice and having a bbq afterwards at Andys house. I hope the rest of the summer is like this, seeing as the beginning of my holidays have got off to a wicked start!

Today i returned back to the usual, waking up to an empty house with massive amounts of hayfever, watching ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ before getting out of bed, and playing Halo 3 for a long time. I do enjoy it, but i will no doubt get bored within a few weeks.

I am so desperate for a job right now. I’ve tried for about 8 months now, i counted earlier, but not even one phone call back! I just would like some money for the summer, i don’t wanna end up broke and i want to take money on holiday and stuff. Oh well, i have nothing much else to do apart from keep trying, so that is what i will do.

I might be going to the Railway Inn tomorrow night to see Second Monday, will be really good if i do end up going. That’s all for now. x


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