Escapades on Hilltop

So hello everyone. It’s 18:35 and i’m pretty bored. Yesterday and this morning were really good though, cheers for inviting me Ben! The adventures involved a traveller/gypsy named Andrew, people on MDMA, camping up on St Catherines hill, MC battles with a guitar, eating doritos, a girl supposedly getting raped, police, police vans getting smashed in, pagans or some shit banging drums and singing songs and a black sheep. I’m glad me and Ben cotched away from all the complete g00ns too! So yer thanks to Benjamin Greene, it was definately interesting.

On the bus ride back from Winchester to Basingstoke today, i noticed how the overhang on trees on certain roads are the perfect height for buses to pass through. So basically the bus would never hit the tree branches. Pretty cool really, must have taken years to get to that state.

If i could just elaborate on the traveller/gypsy named Andrew. He sat down with our group in the Winchester cat grounds yesterday, and made Ben play songs on the guitar whilst Andrew sang along to them, making up his own words of course. Then Andrew started basically preaching to us, my personal favourite quotation of his being ‘Just be yourself in life, and do what the hell you want to do…but just be reasonable about it!’. That was genius. And also his poem which went something along the lines of ‘The sky is my ceiling, the earth is my garden, and fuck anybody else who wants in!’. He told us that he didn’t know where it came from, but it definately came from somewhere! Right on. He must have been an imposter though, he was quoting Pirates of The Caribbean. How could he have seen that!?

When i got back home today i had the lushest shower, just beauty. Then i slept for about 4 hours, which i really really needed. Now i am listening to the album ‘Maladroit’ by Weezer, and pondering over how genius it is. ‘Burndt Jamb’ is such a good song. I recommend you all listen to it if at all possible. I’m going to have a music night tonight, if i can stay awake. Coffee!

Tomorrow i am meeting a contender for best person in the world ever and picking up some French brie from her at the same time. I am looking forward to it 🙂 xx


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