i think thats about how much i earned tonight. Thats right, i had my first night of work tonight at ‘The Queen’ in Dummer, which is a really nice pub, and i’m not just saying that, it’s a proper traditional pub but also serves amazing food.

So i started tonight. I’m a potwash. I’m not even bothered, every one started at the bottom, and so am i. It’s not even that bad, everyone there is really nice and make the hours fly by. I can’t say that i enjoyed it, because it’s just pot washing, but i enjoyed pot washing as much as is possible! I worked 6:30 till 11, which is a pretty good first shift. I’m just after as much money as possible at the moment. Which is good, because i get paid weekly, which is awesome. Plus i get a share of the tips, even more awesome. Plus i only do about three shifts a week, which allows me to still earn a fair bit of money, and it doesn’t intrude much on my social life. Even even more awesome. So my next shift is on Wednesday, starting at 10:00am.

The weekend was pretty cool i guess. Friday there was a picnic at the Memorial, which was good for a few hours, but it all gets tedious now. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It just isn’t that much fun anymore, it’s situations like this where things HAVE to change, otherwise things will just be boring. But it was good, and i ate food and got full up. Then me Daisy and Frankie ended up watching the one and only Ainsley Harriott cook a leg of lamb and some burgers in Festival Place, which was quite surreal to be perfectly honest. I mean, i eat his own chocolate bars and enjoy them to the fullest extene possible, and there he is, the chocolate man himself, cooking a leg of lamb. Brilliant. Then i tagged along with Daisy whilst she bought a new phone in Vodafone, which gave me time to piss about on Blackberrys and stuff. Then i walked up to Carnival Hall to meet my mum, my free lift home :). That was all i did on Friday,, in the evening i just sat in my bed and watched some programmes, one was about Jay Z making his album ‘Reasonable Doubt’ which was really cool.

Saturday, i woke up at 9am and went to The Queen and had an interview with Richard, who’s a really nice guy, and it was even cooler because something came of the interview, always nice i guess. After that, i went back home, played some 360, then went to my dads. On the way we went to my sisters schools fun day. It was not fun. It was rubbish. I know that i probably don’t appreciate it as much because i’m not ten years old anymore, but i’m pretty sure the ten year olds weren’t even enjoying it that much. I had a really horrible burger, the person on the bbq must have been a spastic, then just looked around at what was going on. One stall invovled paying to throw plates at a shelf. I hope the people running that stall made a huge loss of money. The next best thing i saw was the Polish stand, which was pretty much empty. lolzzzzz. So then after that abismal event i went back to my Dads and chilled out for a while, before meeting up with Ben to walk up to Erins. Turns out when we got there it was going to be just me Ben and Erin, but despite that it was still a really cool night, we sat outside, had some drinks, watched some films and crashed out about 2am ish.

Then sunday, just woke up at Erins, watched Shipwrecked until 1pm, then got a lift home. Once i got home i didn’t do much. Had a little nap, then fixed up my bike, because i might have to cycle to work sometimes, when my mum is working herself. Once i fixed it all up and got it going, i went to find out how long the route takes. I did the route fine, and found out that it takes ten minutes each way, but i haven’t rode the route for a while, and it didn’t help my unfit self on the way back. It’s pretty much all uphill, and i got home the most shattered i have ever been in my life! Literally, i’m not even exaggerating for hyperbolic effect. I was too tired to move my outh to eat my dinner, so i left it and ate it later. Might have to cycle more often haha. So then i watched the tennis, which was amazing. Such a close game, it just proves how evenly matched they both are. I personally wanted Federer to win, just because his face reminds me of Morrissey, but Nadal did deserve it i guess. Then later on i went to sleep.

I woke up at half ten am today, got ready for my job interview at Brewers Fayre and cycled there, the cycle was pleasant. I enjoy cycling, you can get anywhere on a bike, normally with minimal effort. Unless you’re cycling back from Dummer. When i got to the interview, Steve, who was a nice guy had a chat with me, basically it was the same as my job at The Queen, but didn’t sound as good. I didn’t know i officially had the job at The Queen until tonight, so today i was still interested. I’m gonna have to ring Brewers Fayre up tomorrow and tell them i’m no longer interested. And Morrisons, Morrisons just sucks really doesn’t it.

Anyway, thats my weekend in extreme detail. WAKE UP! x


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