Burgundy Beef

This seemed to be the hot favourite today this lunchtime! I worked another 44 1/2 hours today, which makes that 9 hours this week, plus i’m working friday night which will probably be atleast 4 1/2 hours. Not bad! Plus today i got my share of the tips for Monday night. £12.50. Nice little bonus! I’m so glad i got this job, it helps so much when everyone is friendly. When i did my work experience at Virgin, everyone there was a complete knob, apart from maybe one guy, and it didn’t exactly help keep me motivated. But i like this job!

I realised when i got home how good my speakers are. I got home and put some music on, turned the bass up full, and they are so powerful it’s amazing. Plus i got them for £3. No one will care but i feel like i should use this moment just to show them off, and of course recommend them. HERE.

I’m downloading the Battlefield: Bad Company demo on the 360, i think it’s probably done now actually. I’m going to give it a go in a minute and tell y’all how it goes down. I’m also downloading Paul Weller’s ’22 Dreams’, i’ve heard it before and it’s amazing, i’ve just never bothered to download it. Until now. It’s a really good album.

Right, i’m outta here x

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