Lasagne and War

I played the Battlefield: Bad Company demo today on the 360, and i was feeling pleased after it! In some ways it’s very similar to COD4, who wouldn’t model some of their own game after one of the best selling games of all time? It’s funny yet serious at the same time, and the soundtrack to the game is really good,in my opinion. The controls are possibly a bit too sensitive, and the gameplay would certainly take some getting used to, but the graphics are incredible and, although the demo is very limited, the storyline looks like a killer. I might buy it, possibly.

I just made a lasagne. Beautiful. I used to hate lasagne, i remember when i was about 7 having lasagne for dinner, and because i didn’t like it, i ate some of it, then sort of flattened the rest of it and compressed it into a really small square to look like there was hardly any left, but infact there was. Sometimes i forget how much of a genius i am.

I said i was going to watch Band of Brothers the other night, but tonight i think i actually will watch it. Did anyoen see the Bill last night? It was amazing, so i need to make sure that i don’t miss it tonight. God damn Millwall. xx


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