Weekend Away

I spent the weekend in Uckfield this weekend, about 15 minutes away from Brighton. We camped out in a campsite with a couple of my dads friends and their families. It was a laugh, although no one is really within the same age range as me, at all. But it was nice to get away for a weekend, coming back into Basingstoke sucked to the max. It was the only place on our whole 2 1/2 hour drive back that was raining. Typical. I’m beginning to dislike Basingstoke more and more, half the people that live here are scum and I can’t deal with the place in general. There’s nothing good about it. Long live the day when i move out, at this point i would say ‘France, here i come!’ but i can’t possibly move out of my house straight to France, how would i get a job. So France can wait till i’m a bit older. But yer, Basingstoke is rubbish full stop

Ben, i apologize profusely that i didn’t make it down to Basingstoke Live today. My dad was the only lift back home that was available, since buses dont run on sundays, and my dad had to leave at 4:45 so i couldn’t make it to your set. I hope it all went excellent!

Getting my first payslip ever this week, wahooooooo. I’d say that once i get paid i’ll be halfway towards getting my new iPod, after a year and a half, a 2gb iPod is simply ridiculous, especially when i have about 15 times that on my iTunes. I need to get it i three weeks, before i go on holiday, should be simple enough, right? I think so. Then the next thing aftert an iPod is The Office boxset, both series including the Christmas specials. Brilliant.

I slept like a baby today. Got back to my mums a few minutes after five, watched Band of Brothers for an hour (yes i finally did it) then went to my bed and slept until 9. How am i going to get to sleep tonight? xx

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