Lover, you shoulda’ come over

Done my Monday nights work, working again tomorrow night, then that is it until Saturday night. Plus i am getting paid tomorrow! Score, i cannot wait.

I feel…i don’t know, maybe left out possibly. All of my friends minus a few are changing completely, which i don’t enjoy to begin with, but it feels like I have to change aswell to stay friends and stuff. I’m not going to change, i’ve seen my best friend change and now my feelings towards them have changed completely, and i don’t want to act the same way. I don’t know what it is that makes people change; new friends, leaving school, i don’t know, but maybe i’m better without them. See what happens i suppose.

I’m stupidly excited to get an 80gb ipod, or more specifically an ipod which i can fit all of my music onto. It’s going to be brilliant i tell you. On my calendar this month is a Rickenbacker 4005 bass made in 1965, and it is absolutely beautiful. I want one. And i don’t even play bass. xx


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