Today was a minor milestone in my life as a young adult. I picked up my first paycheck! They are miracles. I reckon that if you just realised that you had contracted cancer, you broke up with your long term boyfriend/girlfriend, your house burnt down and your pet dog got incinerated in the process, you could pick up a pay check and all your sadness and anger would be swept away, even if for a brief moment.

So i opened mine up today to find out i had earned £72.88. Not bad at all for a mere three shifts a week. And that is excluding the tips, which is an extra £25. I could get used to this job thing, you know. This time next week i will have ordered my new iPod hopefully! Beautiful. Plus yesterday i saw a pigeon standing on top of another pigeon. It was hilarious and it still makes me laugh now.

Today has been successful on quite a few levels. Apart from some money in my wallet, i went up another rank on COD4, and i downloaded a heapload of music. I downloaded the Rx Bandits discography, which is excellent. I had only ever heard one song of theirs, but after five albums, they could easily become a favourite band of mine. I’m a huge fan of Dub and Reggae music, and the way they incorporate that into some of their songs, which can almost be described as ‘math-rock’ (although i hate that term), is brilliant. I also highly reccommend a band called ‘Fleet Foxes’. I heard their name a few weeks ago, it might have been on Pitchfork, but i downloaded their album and it is really good. It is very much a chillout, relax kind of album, i heard some websitie describe them as ‘Seattle rockers’. Sure, they are from Seattle, but they definately aren’t rockers. It’s almost Choral Folk or something, it’s really good. You simply have to listen to ‘White Winter Hymnal’. It’s such a beautiful song, seriously. It’s showing on MTV two, on spanking new music, and the video is equally as amazing. I also downloaded Dj Shadow’s ‘Endtroducing’ which inspires and helps me when it comes to beat editing, drum looping and stuff, and i downloaded the newest Alkaline Trio album, ‘Agony and Irony’. I remember when i went to Florida about two years ago, I was really into their album ‘Crimson’, i used to listen to it on repeat. So i’ll see if this album is equally as good, and even if it isn’t, atleast i will know what they are playing when i see them at Reading.

I’m not even tired. I watched ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes’ on More4 earlier, it’s so interesting. Kubrick kept over 1000 boxes, full of general stuff all related with his films and his work. Talk about time capsules, this man had over 1000 of them. The guy who narrated the programme had been sifting through the boxes for over two years, and hadn’t even looked through them all. ‘Barry Lyndon’ is on tomorrow night, i haven’t seen it, so i’m going to watch it. It does look good though.

Roll on this time next week xxx


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