My new Favourite website. Yes , it’s another typical music-related blog website. But i find myself reading every article, not just half of the things that are on the site. Just from ten minutes reading, i learnt that the Slipknot DJ broke both of his heels jumping off a stage at one of their shows in Washington, Ron Wood got ditched by his wife after she found out he was having a fling with an 18 year old Russian waitress, man that age difference really is something. And i also learnt that there could very soon be a Beatles iPod, similar to how U2 had a limited edition iPod. But whilst the U2 iPod was very mediocre, a Beatles iPod would be absolutely awesome. Supposedly Bloomingdales will be selling a mere 100 Beatles iPods, whenever they become available.

So check that website out, it is awesome. My mum bought a cafetiére today, it is the best thing ever. My coffee has never tasted so good. xxx

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