Tell me Something i Don’t Know

I had a very rude awakening today. My mum woke me up at 8:30am, telling me that my boss from work rung up to say that i was meant to be working this morning. I had no idea i was meant to be, i thought i was meant to be working tonight and tomorrow morning. Turns out i’m doing both those shifts, and i was actually on the rota for this morning too. Pfft. It wasn’t too bad, just annoying, that’s all. The ride home was the weirdest trip i’ve had in a while. It began with a helicopter flying over my head, just above tree level, it was crazy! Then there was a man with a cage full of approximately twenty pigeons, and he opened the cage and they all flew away and went around me in a circle, that was probably the craziest part of it. Then i saw what is definately a contender for the ugliest man in the world. I’m almost certain that he would win.

I forgot how good The Thrills were. They are just great summer music and are a wicked band. My sister also just found my baby book. Which is really funny, looking through it. Apparently i referred to my nuresry as ‘joel’? x


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