Another Day

I woke up fairly late today, the first time in quite a while. I don’t like waking up late anymore, the day goes a lot quicker, for obvious reasons, and it is a massive waste of time. The difference between waking up at 9am and waking up at 11am is enormous.

I didn’t do much in the morning, ate an omelette. I watched our beautiful country earn a silver medal in high jump, i never thought i would see the day. We really are rolling in the golds this Olympics. I’m sure it will only be a one off, only we are slowly evolving into a superhuman country. Consider the top three countries in the medal race at the moment, or at least from the last time i saw it. 1st place, China. 2nd place, USA. 3rd place, United Kingdom. Both China and United States are enormous countries, housing two of the worlds biggest population. It would be within the laws of averages and probability for them to do extremely well. USa and China are the 3rd and 4th biggest countries in the world, in that order. Us, however, we are the 77th. Countries like Kazakhstan and Norway, who are a decent size bigger than us, are way down the middle of the table, and Russia, the biggest country in the world, are only 6th as it stands. Pretty impressive, in my opinion.

So after this, i went into town, the main objective being a haircut. Once we got in, i met George and gave him some early entry tickets for Reading, then went into 3 and got a cheap little phone, seeing as i broke mine on holiday and would need a phone for Reading. I really like it, infact. It does everything you need it to very well, plus if i lose it or brake it i won’t care a great deal. Did a bit of walking around, then went to the hairdressers, turns out that the person that cuts my hair had just finished, the bastard. So now i can either get it done tomorrow, which i don’t really want to do, or leave it be until after Reading. I might leave it. Hmm.

Got back, made myself an espresso because i was nackered, walking round crummy old Basingstoke town was more tiring than i remembered. Then my dad turned up with my brothers main birthday present, a new tv for his room. It’s really, really nice infact. A 19″ Acoustic Solutions flatscreen, which is HD ready, which Nathan is more than happy with, it means he can play Halo in high-definition. I must say it does looks really, really good. I’ve said really, really twice. 😦

Apart from that i’ve done nothing, Henry came round to pick up my Line 6 Toneport, he wants to use it round Iains house tonight to record something or other. Then i listened to three Ricky Gervais podcasts, i absolutely love them more than ever. I have to buy the others at some point soon.

I’m going to get some Ben ‘n’ Jerrys strawberry cheesecake in a minute. Why, after all their other ice creams are major play on words and puns, do they choose the name ‘strawberry cheesecake’ for a strawberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream? I think they had a brief lazy phase, or the team of twenty who spend day in, day out thinking of half witty, half cringy names all passed away.

I had a chat tonight which made me feel really good and i can’t wait for Conor Oberst on Sunday. It might just be the best live music moment of my life. Apart from The Killers last year. Bye! x


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