Everyday is Like Sunday

Seems like it at the moment. I’m getting really bored. Lucky that i’m going out tomorrow. I swear i haven’t inhaled fresh air for atleast two days.

College in two days, well, just under. I’m looking forward to it greatly. I’m sure the first week will be way more exciting than the rest of the year. It’s just getting past the whole change thing, then i guess you realize it’s not as great as you imagined. But who am i to say, it might well be great.

I need to get a new bag tomorrow. Hmmmmm bags are such hard thing to buy really. They should do a shop solely for bags. They would make top dollar. I’m really annoyed that i’m not working much anymore. 1-2 sessions a week? That’s shite. It’s like £30 a week maximum. I need to find a job which gives regular hours. If anyone knows of one in Basingstoke then i would love to hear it. I applied to M&S twice, because they had seven available vacancies, and failed both times. Grr i hate online applications. They are useless. I really want to apply again under a false name and say that i am in a wheelchair and then see if i get offered an interview atleast. I bet that i would. I bet it’s illegal not to or something silly under the discrimination act.

I have yet again got to the point where i really want a new guitar. But a guitat more than £200. I have owned four electric guitars, all of which are priced under £300. Once/i i get regular work again, i wanna save up for a guitar which is atleast £500. I’ve always liked THIS guitar, made by ESP, typically a metal guitar luthier, but hey, i’ve owned two ibanez’s and they are both great. THAT is a new product from Gibson, the John Lennon Custom Shop Les Paul junior. Not that i could ever afford that, i just think that it is lovely. Especially the crazy neck pickup, it almost looks like a Danelectro lipstick pickup. One of my favourite guitars at the moment is THIS, probably the most blatent rip off of Matt Bellamys ‘Mattocaster’, but it is lovely i must say. Not a bad price either. And finally, everyone’s seen them, but THIS Rickenbacker is lovely. A Rickenbacker is just one of those guitars that everyone has to love, or you get shot. x


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