Lean Theories

I’ve never understood the whole ‘If a tree in a forest falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’. To me, it seems ridiculous. Of course it does. It is fact that if a person IS around when a tree falls, it makes a sound, a loud noise. This happens every time someone is around to see a tree fall. It makes a sound EVERY TIME. There is absolutely no chance that someone could see a tree fall, but it would make no noise. So why is it that, if no one is around to see it fall, it suddenly, supposedly, makes no noise. What are the odds a tree falling silently and no one being there at the same time. THERE IS NO CHANCE. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. TREES ARE VERY LOUD. I know that when the twin towers collapsed, there was a ridiculous amount of noise. But what if no one was there. Would there still be noise? Of course there would! Who the hell made up this stupid theory? It angers me to go into greater detail.

Another of my favourite albums of all time has to be Death Cab For Cuties ‘We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes’. It is the second studio album they released, without counting ‘You Can Play These Songs With Chords’ and it was released in 2000. It is absolutely brilliant. It is just a fantastic chilled out album, the guitar is absolutely brilliant, it is a perfect album to fall asleep to. Not many people seem to listen to anything before ‘The Photo Album’. Well, you should. Buy/download ‘We Have The Facts’ now. My personal favourite songs are ‘Scientist Studies’, ‘405’ and ‘Company Calls Epilogue’. Man, it is so good.

I found another wonderful guitar today, a G&L ASAT Bluesboy. G&L were another guitar company ran by Leo Fender, somehow a lot less known. All their guitars are based around the general telecaster shape, and the guitars sound absolutely fantastic. From reviews i have read, people say that these G&L guitars are some of the most well made guitars they have ever played, better than high-end Fenders, and they sound brilliant. I came across them whilst looking on the ‘gear’ page of Death Cabs website. The ‘bluesboy’ model that took my fancy has a Seymour Duncan ‘Seth Lover’ neck pickup, which looks mega cool, and a specially designed bridge pickup. They are around £1000 i believe. I would love to try one out, but they seem hard to find in the UK, i’ll find one somewhere. Plus they do the ‘bluesboy’ in all-black! Glorious.

Mansons are putting on a guitar show over the last weekend of October in Exeter. It sounds brilliant. All the top brands are going to be there, clinics, workshops, demos, it sounds great. Hopefully loads of free stuff too. The tickets are £5 on the door or £4 in advance, which si absolutely brilliant! Considering all this, me, Iain and Hamish are gonna go down there and make a weekend of it. Man, i am so looking forward to it. No doubt there will be loads of cool Manson guitars to try out, and plus the Fender Custom Shop is going to be there! I’m going to try and blag as much free stuff as physically, mentally and psychologically possible.

I’m pretty nackered today, so i’m going to go to bed now. xx

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