Chelsea Smile

No one knows how much i hate that ‘save money save energy’ advert with the dimwit dad. ‘Who’s watching this, the invisible man?’. No you idiot, it is just on, someone was probably going to the loo and coming back to watch that snooker, but you’ve just turned it off, ruining their fun. Go to hell. One minute the advert is trying to be really funny (but fails) and then it is trying to be serious. I don’t get it. It makes me want to waste more energy just to piss that dad off.

I just downloaded BMTH’s new album, Suicide Season. Hate me, but the single is actually pretty good. Give it a chance, it is really different to ‘Count Your Blessings’, it is less shit-metal and more hardcore, kinda like Underoaths new stuff, Everytime I Die and Gallows, in a way. Do it. I also downloaded TV On The Radios ‘Dear Science’. gave it a rating of 9.2, which is mega high for them. Every album i think is good they give a 4 or something, they sure are picky.

Man, coming home with a kitchen full of food is so good, i love it. I love findinh the odd treat, today was a dairy milk bar. It was pretty good.

I did probably one of the stupidest things i’ve ever done ever today. Basically, i was waiting for the bus, the bus turned up, and i got out the megarider ticket from my right hand coat pocket. I showed it to the bus driver and he said ‘thanks’ so i went to my seat, but then the bus driver said ‘hang on a minute’ so i went up to him with my megarider, showed it to him again, and he said ‘this has expired’. I checked it and he was right, it had expired. I had obviously put my old megarider in my coat and left the new one at home. So i paid £2 to get the bus to town. I was texting Daisy whilst driving past BCOT, trying to retrace my steps. In my head i was thinking ‘i thought i put it in my coat pocket, but the left hand side’. I hadn’t checked my left hand side pocket. So i checked it, and voila. There it was. I was pretty much fuming, i know its only £2 but its extremely irritating finding out during the journey that you could have got on for free, and it could have saved me the embarressment of looking like a pikey trying to get on the bus for free with some dirty old megarider i scavenged from the floor.

Right, i need to get an early night. I say early, half 11 isn’t too early. I fell asleep whilst watching Arsenal on ITV, and this was like half 8. It’s not a good age to fall asleep casually. My god, the dad from ‘The Family’ is a cretin! He might even be worse than the invisible man dad. Actually, no. No one could top his mad hatter antics.



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