Fifth Season

Good evening all. It is a dreary Sunday, it’s alright though. I had a good time last night! I went out for the first time in ages, went to Henners house with Iain, Zach, Phil and of course Henry. It was good fun, we played PS3 all night, had some drinks and listened to music. It was fun. I woke up today, realizing i was at Henrys house and not my own, played a bit more PS3, had a bacon sarnie and then went home quickly to grab my guitar and pedals and sped off to band practice. Picked up Lee from his house. Lees grandparents were round, and to my surprise, his grandad reads this blog. So hello to Ray Sewell, i don’t know how you found the blog, but well done.

So we got to band practice, and Hamish bought some drum sticks on Ebay. Then we started practicing, but we were all tired today so didn’t get much done. Plus, Lee was moaning about his Beef roast at home. I got home at about half past 4 i think, then just chilled out at home like i am currently doing. My god, i had the best dinner ever today. My mums superior chicken pie, and weirdly enough, both mash and roast potatoes. I only just realized that as i wrote this. I ate the whole meal oblivious to that fact. It was amazing though, best food in the whole world ever. I want to start up an old fashioned pie shop. It would be amazing. I think i would have it where that bagel place in town used to be.

I’m looking forward to ‘The History of The Guitar’ on BBC two at 10:20 tonight. Guess what it’s about? Yeah, the guitar. It’s a three-part series so it should be good. Plus, Matt Bellamy is on one of the episodes which makes it an essential watch. He is definitely my hero, i decided. Can’t wait to try out the Jim Root Telecaster, it’s gods gift to guitars. I just wish they did a USA version too.

I really am not up for getting up at 7 for college tomorrow. Mondays are a long day. I wish i made more new friends at college but i know people in both my lessons so i don”t seem to venture that far off the beaten track. I think it’s a shame, i’m not sure though.

Bye! x


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