Man, i know that i take a general dislike to Basingstoke as a whole, but today was extraordinary. Walking to town from college was alright, but as soon as i entered town, the freakshow made their appearance. There were these 3 women at the bus station today majorly swearing at the tops of their voices and banging on the bus stops, which was extremely annoying, plus they all looked like death warmed up. There was an endless onslaught of spicers in trackie bottoms on their Toys ‘R’ Us bikes with a Jd or CEX drawstring bag round their right shoulder, and a handful of bald headed neo-nazis walking like their arms were on strings, with an unlit fag in their mouth. And that was before i even got on my bus. My bus driver was about 2 foot 5, and there were these two bitchy girls from John Hunt, i reckon in about Year 9, sitting on the top deck of the bus staring at people until the person looked at them so they could then say ‘What you lookin’ at m8?! I’m from John Hunt, i’m bare hard so don’t mess u get me?’. Maaaaan why can’t i live somewhere better.

I think i’m interested more in guitars themselves and what makes a brilliant guitar than the other aspects. I really want to learn how to make guitars, the feeling once you have finished one must be just the best thing ever. Stuff my lame course at college, its crap, like some sort of remedial music course. I think i’m going to give it one more week to make up for all the shite we have done since we started. I use the word ‘done’, because using the word ‘learnt’ would be a lie.

The first part of ‘The Story of the Guitar’ last night was great. Matt Bellamy had a few moments in it, which was cool, and it was really interesting how it first came about. Also, that guy from Tennessee, with the surname ‘Henderson’, who made those beautiful acoustic guitars, he was awesome. Made it look so easy. I’ve never wanted to visit Tin Pan Alley more though.



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