Back To Square One

Grrr! I find myself where i was 4 months ago, desperately looking for jobs, getting incredibly pissed off and getting annoyed with loads of people. So many fake people, i don’t even care that my friends are changing. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to get a job, although everyone seems to have jobs running towards them at full speed. It just gets on my nerves.

On the plus side, i played the best show i have ever played in my life last night. It was absolutely brilliant, i knew whilst we were playing that we were sounding great, it was the first time ever that playing in a band felt completely right. Once i finished i was probably in one of the happiest moods i have ever been in. I knew i perormed to the top of my game, and despite the lack of people there, i hope they liked the show because i really, really did. Bring on more of the same.

A belated Happy Birthday to my mother for Wednesday, also. xx


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