Let Me In

I got a job today wahooo! In Marks and Sparks, menswear, 12 hours a week. Well happy with that, i was about to write out an application form for Homebase before i got the interview at m&s. LOL! I have training all weekend, which is kind of lame, but lots of monaaaaaay! The first thing i want to buy is a line 6 dl-4. Badboy. My interview was like just over an hour, so i was twenty minutes late for my lesson at college, and i basically fast walked the walk up to college. I sat down and felt disgustingly sticky and tired. Worth it though. I’m looking forward to the waste store, loads of amazing marks and sparks food for like 20p!

So what has been happening lately. Hmm, not a lot. Gok Wan was in town today. There was a huge queue, where i managed to spot Daisy, Frankie and a couple of Frankies friends :). Gok Wan looked like a fag. Hollyoaks looks so good this week, but i’ve missed all of them. Rubbish. Today me, Lynton, Simon and Ally played a game with Iain today, Iain went one way into town, and we all went the other, so he walked into town and we were all behind him hiding from him. It was fun until Iain found out thanks to Lyntons foghorn voice.

I got a quote the other day from Gordon Smith guitars about a custom guitar. They said about £650. Including a hardcase and a Bare Knuckle humbucker, it would be about £750. Pretty sweet deal in my opinion!

Played some average games of Halo tonight, but they were fun. Benbengo is becomnig a regular aha. Leroy Jenkins is definitely my hero. x

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