Be Sensible.

Wow. I know what it feels like to have a full time job, kind of. Today was long. I’ve been working the last 3 days and am also working the next two days. It’s not even that bad, the people at M&S are great, they really treat everyone as equal, especially young’uns like myself. So it makes work all that bit better. Plus tomorrow my pay packet will be scraping the sides of the safe. The only bad thing about work is that the air con makes your lips sore.

My Jim Marshall poster looks really good on my wall. I like to look at it. I didn’t get to use my fuzz factory for the last two days, so when i got home today it was the first thing i did. As sad as it sounds, i was thinking about how it sounded in my head today and then i got home and it sounded even better. I was pretty happy with that. With my pay i am gonna save it all, apart from the essential money for travel, food etc. And then when my birthday arrives, in 19 days, i should hopefully have a large amount of money to get a guitar with. I really don’t know what i want, there are too many guitars around nowadays. I really like the Jim Adkins Thinline Telecaster, and it is only £400. Which means i could upgrade the parts, get some pickups in that badboy and spice it up slightly. I think people who read this have probably learnt by now that i look at something and then change my mind and find something else the next day. It’s not that i decide i don’t like it. It’s that i look at too much stuff too much of the time.

It’s halloween on Friday. Big woop. Halloween is lame. The only good thing about it is that 3 years ago on that day i saw Death Cab for Cutie for the first time in Orlando, Florida, which pretty much changed my whole perspective on music. So i thank them for that.

I can’t wait for November. The best month, better than the other 11. It isn’t freezing, good stuff always happens in November, it is just peaceful and nice. xx


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