Sit Back and Relax

Sorry for the lack of posts, not much has gone on recently and i have been working a fair bit. Ben Greene has motivated me to make a post, thanks to his lovely post regarding my birthday tomorrow.

I’m quite looking forward to my birthday now. 14 of us went out tonight to Zizzis for a little meal, it was really good. The food was awesome and it was great to be able to chat with everyone that was there. I am really only just expecting money tomorrow because that is all i have asked for, i don’t know what i want! So many ugitars to choose from. I went to Guitar Village briefly on Friday before work and tried out a ’62 tele custom, a 72 tele custom and a mexican Jazzmaster. They were all pretty nice, but none of them were good enough for me to want to hand over any money. I guess we’ll see, i’m sure i’ll be trying out many guitars over the next few weeks. Although i have a full day at college AND work tomorrow, my birthday will still be really good hopefully.

See, apart from what i have just typed, there really is not much else to say! Phil Sampson managed to get me a cutout cardboard guitar from o2, the one that was on display in the front window. That will be a keeper for sure. I’m sure i will be back tomorrow with stories. xx


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