I got back from my school presentation evening not long ago. It was great but now i feel extremely upset. I saw people that i never thought i would miss, but do. And although i wouldn’t be up for being back at school, i will miss it a hell of a lot. The guy who came to speak to us, an ex-pupil called Jonathan Humphreys, who now works for the National Theatre, i thought spoke a really good speech that i could relate to. He said to think for ourselves and to do what we want, not what we have been told to do, pretty much since we were born. Even if it is silly, stupid or at the time not the best thing, do what you feel you want to do. He also spoke about his parents advising him to study something else as well as the theatre to ‘fall back on’, oh that clichéd phrase. But Jonathan came out with the phrase ‘if you have some to fall back on, you’ll fall back’. I thought that was an awesome phrase, it speaks many truths. Also, him advising us to do what we want to do made me ponder yet still over what i want to do about college and it being so awful.

After the formal part, i spoke Mrs Smith, my old music teacher, about my music course and how it hasn’t lived up to my expectations, to put it into nicer words. She didn’t know what to advise, i don’t think many people would, but she did recommend learning classical guitar. I woul be very interested to be honest, i’ve always liked classical guitar and how some people incorporate it into electric guitar aswell. But i don’t know, college is one big downer. I go to college feeling alright, and leave feeling depressed, unimpressed and disheartened. I don’t wanna spend two years wasting my time when i could be teaching myself faster and more efficiently than all of the music lot at QMC ever could. I’m going to think about it. Is college really as important as the world makes it out to be?


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