Sorry once again for not updating in a good while now.

The most important thing of today (which shows just how unimportant today is) is that i go my hair cut. I was working out the last time i had my hair cut and i am proud to say it was a few days before Reading Festival. But now that luscious rug of hair has gone, although it isn’t that short. I like it alot.

Last night i bought ‘For Emma, Forever ago’ by Bon Iver on iTunes, seeing as i had to use the last £5 from my gift card. And seeing as there has been humongous critical acclaim about the album i thought it would do no harm to buy it. Damn, it’s brilliant. I heard him on Jools Holland maybe two months ago and he did a couple of songs that were brilliant, particularly THIS. His voice is even better live. I think the reason why this album is so good is because it is so raw. The songs are like demos that turned out to be absolutely fantastic. Certain things are ever so slightly out of time in places, there is no distinct, clear structure in some of the songs and its hard to hear what he is singing about. But that is why it is so brilliant. So download it, buy it, eat it, do what you want with it as long as you come into contact with it.

I was ill yesterday so i stayed at home. The dreaded cold which seems to be getting around like the plague. Lemsip helps a lot. Also i would much rather get it now than on Christmas or something. CHRISTMAS! YAYYYYY! I am getting quite excited for it, all i need to do now is buy the presents i need to get, that would make me feel more at ease.

We are doing the song ‘Today’ by The Smashing Pumpkins in our music group at college. I know, it’s on guitar hero, but Guitar Hero ruins the songs, it’s a boring song to play on it which therefore makes the song seem boring. But the song is great! I’m not the biggest Pumpkins fan but Billy Corgan can certainly write a song. I also like his signature Strat. We are still doing ‘Sultans of Swing’, maybe ‘Hash Pipe’ by Weezer and me and Jack would like to do ‘Weird Fishes/arpeggi’ by Radiohead. A nice selection of songs, would you agree?

I have no plans for this weekend, i don’t know what i am going to do. Plus there are no plans for the New Year, there is no way i am just sitting at home for new year, how depressing is that! Sort it out. x

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