Oh my god

I haven’t posted since the 21st! Sincerest apologies. This christmas season has been a bit busy though! I’ll start from Christmas Eve. I worked Christmas eve, which wasn’t great; i was just counting down the hours and minutes and seconds until i could leave, which would be one of the most rewarding feelings in a while. Every evening, staff at M&S get to buy ‘waste’ from food, which is basically food that is about to go out of date, for really cheap. Sandwiches 20p, bakery items are 20p, milk is 1p, and everything else is half price. But on Xmas Eve, there is 2 or 4 days of ‘waste’ to be sold, and so there is a huge amount of food! And they sell it for a quarter price. The whole of the floor on food is literally covered in food to buy, and so obviously all the staff go down there, i saw some staff i have never even seen before. It was good i bought a lot. Plus on Xmas Eve they sell it for quarter price. So after that, i got to leave! I went to my dads, had some mulled wine, came back home, had some drinks and food and then went to bed, absolutely shattered after Erins the previous night and work.

I woke up about 8 on Xmas Day, by my brother and sister, hideously excited. Christmas is brilliant, it was the christmas morning i have ever had, i reckon. I got some brilliant presents, my Dad got me two tickets to go see Morrissey at Brixton in May, tickets which i thought i would never get hold of, seeing as all three nights sold out within fifteen minutes. I also got a ticket to go see Coldplay at Wembley in September, my whole family are going to that which will be awesome, i have always wanted to see Coldplay live. I also got a Fender LED tuner, something i have needed but never bought for ages, a lovely new coat, jeans, guitar stand, lots of chocolate, a coffee selection and Aztec chilli hot chocolate from Whittards. It is the best hot drink ever ever ever, i cannot reccomend it enough. The government should supply a complimentary tub of it to every household once per month. It would make the world a happier place. We had the best Xmas breakfast ever, a nice fry-up with Bucks fizz a-plenty, and then after messing round with presents etc, we went over to my cousins, the Sewells, and enjoyed the rest of Christmas Day there, with a lovely christmas dinner and plenty of xbox.

I woke up on Boxing Day with a headache. I lazed around most of Boxing day, watched some of ‘Arctic Monkeys live at the Apollo’, which is brilliant. Then my other cousins, auntie and uncle came round for Boxing day, and we pretty much had our second christmass dinner cooked by mu mum, which was AMAZING! Best meal ever. Then we just played various games, i played a fair few hours of Guitar Hero with Jack.

I can’t really remember what i did the day after boxing day, i had no work and nothing to do, so i think i just lazed around.

Yesterday I worked 11-5, and then came home and chilled out.

And then today. I have been on Ableton Live all day, experimenting with djing on it. It is such good software to DJ with, all you need to know is what songs will go well and it does the rest for you. Brilliant. I’m trying to remix Fatboy Slims remix of ‘Body Movin’ ‘ by Beastie Boys. I guess you could call it a remix-remix.

I also bought a new computer today, wahooooo. This one is getting on my nerves, it is slow, running out of memory and generally not very good. Although, now that i have bought a new one it is coping well with whatever i throw at it, ironically. This new PC is kickass though, 500gb SATA hard-drive, 3gb RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Vista premium (don’t know what to think of Vista, i guess i’ll find out), 5.1 surround sound all for £336! Top notch. Although basically all of my money in my account now belongs to my mum. It’s alright, i get paid tomorrow :).

Now all i need to do is buy many blank CD’s and back up my whole iTunes library to those CD’s, and also try and get ableton onto CD. Bonsoir x


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