Thank God

What a busy/stressful/tiring set of days. I have finally managed to get the computer ready for action, and it certainly took time. I only managed to sort my iTunes out today, and i have still lost over 1000 songs! It’s ok though, because i know a lot of the albums that i have lost, and the only thing to do is to just download them again. I am downloading ‘The Orange Box’ on Steam, I can’t wait for it to finish downloading, although it will require me to leave the PC on overnight to finish. So i am glad i don’t need to mess about with any music or anything anymore and i can truly appreciate how fast and good of a PC it is.

I worked 12-8 on Friday, got home to my dads and crashed out on the sofa, so i went to bed at half 10 ish. And then yesterday i worked 11-6, which did go surprisingly quickly. I was meant to be working 10:30-5:30 today, which would’ve been hell, but i realized that there might be a God when i looked at the staffing sheet for today and for whatever reason i wasn’t on it, so i didn’t go in. Well happy with that! I am working tomorrow but that’s no big deal.

Back to living a routine life tomorrow; college. I guess it will be ok, but i’m still not going to enjoy it. I guess it will be quite good seeing friends again, but that is just a novelty.

New years was really good round Nick’s house. Chilling out, playing system link Halo 3, even though compared to Nick and Lee i looked awful, and having a general laugh. The fry-up in the morning was the best thing ever, there will never be a breakfast that good in a long, long time.

See some of you tomorrow xx.

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