So Glad to See You

Hello. How are you? The last two days have been average. Today was good, yesterday was average. Yesterday i got the bus to college with Mr Lee Sewell which was quite good. Then i got to college and had average lessons. Had a really average day in general, then went back to my dads and got ready for work. Had average work. SOme woman got stuck in the lift which was interesting, but eventually she did actually get out. She was screaming and shouting and going completely mental. Bit OTT to be honest. I got back to my dads after work and thought i would brighten up what was left of my day by ordering a Dominos! I got a medium Meateor and it was amazing. It did the job of brightening up my day. Then i went to bed because i was extremely tired.

Today was a lot better. I woke up at my dads, walked up to college, had music theory with Jack, Luke and Peter which was funny, everyone should read ‘The Music Dictionary’ by Roy Bennett. Don’t buy it though, just flick through it. It’s not that good. After that i got some food, then went to Economics which was mind-numbing and then got a cheeky pre-lunch Costa with Jack and Sophia. It was good times, p.s Jack needs to stop blagging my iPod off me. I hope by refusing to give it to him he has learnt his lesson to GO AND GET HIS ONE BACK FROM A HOUSE FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM HIS. love you jack. (:S).

After Costa i went back to lessons, had a good improvisation lesson, playing some nice Jazz/Lounge progressions. Then had Francesco’s music lesson which should be monitored by suicide watch. Everyone will eventually kill themselves in that lesson, slowly but surely. Then i got the bus home and listened to Hot Chip throughout the journey, i forgot how amazing ‘So Glad to See You’ is, such an under-rated song off the album ‘The Warning’. HERE is the song, with a rubbish video made by some Youtube g00n.

Some guy in my music class is selling his 360 for £70, epic gain! All i need to do is buy a hard drive for it, a VGA cable and i am ready to go. I bought Skate 2 today and it is amazing, if not extremely fiddly at first. You get the hang of it after a couple of hours. I can’t wait to actually get it!

I think that THIS top is absolutely amazing. I so want to get one. Apart from that there isn’t much great stuff knocking about on the internet. I’ll leave you with an interesting fact, women feel most beautiful at 32. x


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