I can feel a hot one

Hello! Sorry i haven’t posted in a while, Friday, saturday and Sunday consisted of work, and then yesterday and today i have simply just been having too much fun. And i hope you have all too. Unless you live in America, where you probably would have had two average days, or if you live in Alaska, where you probably have an insanely fun day when there is a lack of snow? Maybe you could tell me when you have fun Alaska.

Yesterday was amazing, woke up at 7 for college, to find immense snow out of my window, considered college shut and just dossed about. It was great. On Friday i bought an xbox 360 off my mate so i don’t have to share with my brother who is constantly on it. I have hooked it up to my widescreen monitor and it looks incredible, playing Call of Duty and Skate 2 at 780p is a joy i must tell you. I still need to get a headset and a wireless adaptor though, then i am completely sorted. Bloody wireless adaptors are such a rip off, like £50 just to play online, which costs £40 a year as it is. So worth it though, xbox live really is a masterpiece by Microsoft.

Today i had numerous massive snowball fights with my cousins just down the road, it was very fun. Assaulting their houses and bedroom windows when they were unaware was fun. A highlight had to have been when Lee tried to throw a snowball at us from his window, but he hit the inside of his own window and got snow all in his room. Hilarious.

Then i made a chocolate fudge cake, it was the most pathetic cake ever. The enclosed picture is the final product.

Now i am just chilling out, putting music on my phone, and gonna finish off the 4 day weekend with an intense call of duty session in a bit. Night all, tuck up tight x


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