March Into The Sea

Well, how was your day? Mine was pretty rubbish really. I went into colelge for music theory first thing, which was rubbish, about half the class were missing. Then i had economics, where basically my whole class were in, which was surprising. Then i went to Costa with Jack and Sophia and skipped my last two lessons, i don’t really know why. The snow just blew apart any fragment of motivation or determination that i had today and turned it into laziness and poor attitude. Oh well, i have never skipped a lesson before so i guess there is a first time for everything. I sound like a g00n so i will stop now.

The treasure of today is THIS, props to Jack for showing me. It is some hilarious black man talking about his fridge and ridiculous amounts of different drinks in his fridge. There is a lot of swearing in it, so if you do find it offensive, watch it anyway. haha.

If you guys follow Stephen Fry on Twitter (get twitter!), then you would know that Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift last night. It was very funny and amazing how so many people posted comments in such a short amount of time, and it is still amazing following Stephens life in a way. Fair play to the Frymeister for actually frequently updating it. I know a lot of celebrities would not even start up a twitter.

The internet is fairly bone dry at the moment, THIS however interested me. It seems that as soon as Steve Jobs takes some time off, Apple get themselves into heaps of trouble.

Just went onto to find out that 2 Many Dj’s are playing Brixton Academy in June! Gotta go to that. That really would be a treat.

To conclude, you will be pleased to know i had a massive call of duty session just earlier, i did well. Anti-climax, hey? xx


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