I would like to keep this short and sweet. Sorry if it isn’t.

I just watched half an hour of Skins. If you can’t tell already, that is not a full episode, it is half an episode. Now, there is a reason why i have only watched half the episode. Put into a fairly basic nutshell, IT IS ABSOLUTELY BLOODY AWFUL! Let me state my reasoning behind this comment which i’m sure many of you are baffled from.

From the half hour i watched, someones mum made some brownies, these 5 girls began to dance to music which they all managed to hear in their heads, simultaneously it seems? Woah man, they must love drugs! So they were dancing, some cockney geezer and some high end yuppie were trying to see these girls undress, you are like 18, not 12. These girls end up having some sort of weird party were they all seem to turn lesbian for a short matter of time, and then the cockney geezer gets trapped in the cupboard in the house. This girl finds him in the cupboard, they get up to some naughty business, and then they fall out of the cupboard, and end up in next doors bedroom. I would like the directors of Skins to answer this question, HOW ON THIS EARTH DID AND CAN THAT EVER, EVER HAPPEN! EVER!!!!! Maybe if it was a detatched house, and they were heavy enough to fall through the back of a cupboard AND a wall, maybe. But later on it quite clearly shows that the house is semi-detatched, therefore getting next door via cupboard is a preposterous idea, what the hell were you thinking directors, i am hanging up the nooses for you all as we speak. As you might be able to tell, this was the first part where i considered turning off.

After this, they miraculously end up back in their own house, where there is a massive party, wow i have never seen a house party in Skins in all my life. The actors are quite frankly shocking, they just accentuate swear words and walk around as if they are on drugs. Wooooooooooooah!!!!! That deserves a BAFTA, it really does. If you can find me some acting worse than that, hell, i will give you a medal carved out of wood from my back garden and i will engrave your name onto it with my blood.

The whole show makes an absolutely mockery of my generation to be quite honest. I don’t see how people can watch that, enjoy it and i hate to wonder just how influential some people find it. I am surprised there hasn’t been some sort of mass protest or assassination attempt, i might well be the first person to start one.

This definitely wasn’t that short, but for me it was sweet. I am now going to do something to get back that half hour of my life i just wasted. Thanks Skins, go rot. x


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