"Not me, Not I"

Morrissey wrote ‘November Spawned a Monster’ about me.

Hello. This weekend was what i like to call ‘Work Weekend’. As you may have guesses, it involves working all weekend. It’s not great, but the pay is more than worth it. Plus i barely need to work after ‘work weekend’. I work tomorrow and Friday for the whole of this week. Vehh niiice!!!

My god, i absolutely love Morrissey’s new album, ‘Years of Refusal’. It’s not out til tomorrow, i downloaded it, but i am still going to buy it, a) because it is brilliant and b) because the special edition CD looks too good. Heard any of the songs off of it yet? No? Who the hell are you! In this instance i simply must educate you peasants. HERE. The song was on his ‘Greatest Hits’ album which was released in 2008. The ‘Greatest Hits’ album was silly to be honest. He has already released a number of them, and this song would have been so much better if i hadn’t heard it before. I don’t know what it is about Morrissey. I can easily see why some people really aren’t fussed about him. He seems fairly normal, some might say moody or pessimistic. But once you get into Morrissey there is no letting go. Who knows why.

I’m sure all of you have heard about the 13 year-old boy/father. I shan’t go into it in great detail, because if you haven’t heard about it you must be blind and deaf, one of the two, or living in a hole. I just think it is ridiculous, and, as many have already says, sums up the country pretty well.

Oh my god. I just read about the NEW SIMPSONS MAIN TITLE. Amazing! They have never changed it up until now. Apparently it is for the first ever Simpsons episode being aired in HD. Good ol’ HD. I quite like it to be honest.

I WAS looking forward to a lie in tomorrow until my mum broke the news to me that i have got the dentist tomorrow. For god’s sake. I think i am just going to come back home and go straight back to bed. Then go to work. AGAIN! Jeeeesus.

Valentines day yesterday. Anyone have a good day? My day was no different to any other. It just proves that when push comes to shove, people will go out and buy the loved one a gift, fairly forcefully it seems. A number of different people at work yesterday commented on their inside hate for Valentines Day, why do people have to be more romantic than normal that one day of the year. People should be capable to be romantic whenever, but it seems not. Plus, thanks to Valentines day, i had to work in Foods yesterday because of their £20 Valentines day deal. Which i completely don’t get. They decided to get rid of almost all of the xmas temps down in Food, and just over a week after they all go, they have to get all the people from Menswear to work downstairs, why did they not just keep them on until now, when they are surely going to be mega quiet for the next coming weeks. Sort it out M&S!




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