With a Girl Like You

Well this is my 199th post. Weird. I have really done almost 200 of these? What the hell am i doing! I definitely feel better after posting these though, whether it’s getting something off of my chest or just sharing stuff i have found.

Today was the beginning of another half term at college. I wasn’t not looking forward to it, if that makes sense, it just seems like an inconvenience to me now. I got up, had some coffee and was ready to roll. Turns out the teacher which i have for most of today was off ill today too, lazy so and so, he’s had a week to get ready! So we had a cancelled lesson where i just strolled into town with a couple of others. After a funny lunch in Hame’s car, seeing some pink-orange faces and eating BBQ Beef hula hoops, i had Economics where we watched this really interesting Dispatches documentary, ‘The Big Job Hunt’. The North-West is currently at 9% unemployment or something, crazy! After Economics, i went and grabbed another coffee and then got the long, long bus home. Some really annoying girl who lives down my road was on the bus, and she was on the phone being really loud and irritating as normal. Thank god for Sennheiser noise isolation is all i can say in times like those.

At the moment i am listening to a really good compilation album, ‘Dark Was The Night’. I’m not 100% sure of the concept, some of the songs seem to be originals with other people collaborating on them, and some of them seem to be covers. But it has some amazing singers and bands on it, Bon Iver, Ben Gibbard, Feist, Conor Oberst, Arcade Fire; the list goes on. All proceeds go to HIV and AIDS charities too which is an extra incentive to get it.

I am wearing cotton boxer shorts today, and having never worn cotton boxer shorts before, they are surprisingly comfy.

I was going to buy some books off of Amazon yesterday, but never got round to it. After reading some more of ‘This is Your Brain on Music’, it is very tedious. The author seems to just write pretentiously about his education and it is very hard reading for someone who isn’t an expert on the brain. I was looking at a number of books, ‘The Metamorphosis’ by Frank Kafka, obviously a classic, but mentioned in the Ricky Gervais podcast i was listening to yesterday, which gave me the idea to buy it. ‘The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test’, which is written by Tom Wolfe and documents his time on a bands tour bus back in the 60’s, lots of psychadelic drug experiences and whatnot are written about in the book, and apparently it is a fairly good account of life in the 60’s, so it seems like a good read. I also looked at some more books by Cormac McCarthy. Obviously being most famous for ‘No Country for Old Men’, he has some awesome books. I already have ‘The Road’, and my dad is reading ‘Child of God’, which i am going to read after him.

If you do purchase ‘Dark Was The Night’, make sure to listen to ‘Train Song’ by Feist and Ben Gibbard. It’s amazing. x


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