Hit The Bottle

Hey there. Sorry i haven’t posted in a while! This is the first day i have had off since Friday, and how nice it is. Mind you, it isn’t so nice when coupled with college. I actually despise it now. I have no motivation to go to any of the lessons, apart from EMA, which i don’t even need that much because i work as it is, although it is nice. The teachers just seem to be getting worse and worse and i am learning nothing. I just know that i am going to end up doing rubbish and being rubbish at college. Oh well. Life goes on.

Crap mood generally today. Rain, nothing good. Waste of time. Time wasting in other words. I’m listening and watching ‘Scotch Mist’ over again because it is awesome beyond understanding. I just found the cool new button on Youtube ‘turn down the lights’. It isn’t very useful but kind of cool.

I am having a huge Morrissey/The Smiths stint at the moment, i wish i could find my capo, because Marr seems to love playing songs with Capo on 2nd. Fairly annoying for unorganized people, ala me.

The interludes between the songs on ‘Scotch Mist’ are so odd, i would like to know their meanings. Mind you the version of ‘Faust Arp’ on the hill is amazing.

I don’t have much else to share with you, i hope tomorrow is actually good but i don’t really know how that is possible. xx


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