Revelling in Minor

I’m having a music download conquest. There’s a couple of bands i have got into recently, and there are bands that i forgot about that i love. I heard a song by White Lies today called ‘Death’ and thought it was brilliant. I had the album on my iTunes but hadn’t listened to it through, so i did a minute ago and it’s really good, so props to them. I t reminds me of Joy Division or Interpol or something, but better.

I also saw The Roots performing on MTV HD today, although it was for VH1 a while back. It was awesome though, so HERE is a video in celebration of that.

I also downloaded ‘Born For This’ after meaning to for a number of days. ‘Born for This’ is DOOM’s new album, yes he has dropped the MF from his name. It is a really good album, i am surprised i must say. HERE is a song off the album called ‘Gazillion Ear’, excuse the lame video, it is all that is left of the now barren Youtube minus music videos. 😦

Right well i am tired, i am going to play some Halo and then go to bed i think. I want to get up fairly early tomorrow to make the most of my weekend off 🙂

nighty night night night x


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