Do i even need to explain my apology? Yes? Ok, because i haven’t posted in a couple of days. I feel the need to apologize.

I just watched Newswipe with Charlie Brooker thanks to Alphabetic Gadgets/Facebook spying, it was really good. Informative and funny, normally fails epicly but this is really good. Watch it. I look forward to the next episode on Wednesday.

I also downloaded Spotify earlier, i’ve looked at it before but didn’t quite understand whilst reading the ‘What is Spotify’ part; turns out it is really just Napster but better and free. Way to over-complicate things, Spotify, but i gotta say it is very quick and easy to use, plus Last.fm can scrobble what i listen to on it, score! I wish that you could add friends on it though, because browsingDead Air Space i found a playlist that Jonny Greenwood had made, turns out his username is MrMarmite, not too sure about the caps, but i would love just to be friends with him on something.

I went to town today but it was hopeless. It is just so uneventful and nothing to do. I went to the war memorial to play some football but after about 30 minutes got too windy. I just want to play football!! So i will avoid town at whatever cost these holidays, to ensure i don’t have a day wasted doing jack all.

The Reading and Leeds twitter informed me earlier that NME would have the next line-up announcements at 11pm tonight on the NME website (sad face) so i go on the NME website and there is nothing. That’s just not on.

I found a pretty cool blog today, THIS cheeky archive of hip-hop. I do believe it is all downloaded via sites liek rapid-share etc, which means any idiot can download at their will, brilliant!

Well i am going to go, possibly play some Halo, talk to some weird people i call friends and browse the internet. Bye! x


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