"I ain’t gonna die in this hospital"

This has been quite a nice weekend, had the first proper BBQ of 2009 last night which was nice, and then bit of over-time at work today which was a bit different and nice to work within different departments and getting to know people i rarely, if ever, work with. I’m listening to ‘Conor Oberst’ by Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band because it is an extremely under-rated album that i think a lot of people seemed to miss when it came out. HERE is one of the singles released from the album, kind of weird/lame video but maybe that’s just exemplifying the subject of the song.

So it’s that time you get at the end of every half-term; the sunday-night-doing-all-your-work-you-haven’t-bothered-to-do time. And in typical Aylward fashion i have half-finished all my assignments at college, and have not sent them to my email, so i have no possibly way of finishing any of them for tomorrow. And i am not starting them all again. No way.

I am looking at netbooks. I have this very efficient, reliable desktop but it is definitely not reliable when it comes to portability. I have always fancied having a laptop but i would never really use it for anything apart from the internet, so a netbook seems like a fair compromise. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 looks like a safe bet, and at £199 quite a steal, but it runs Ubuntu Linux which i am not at all familiar with, i would have to go and try it out i think. Googling ‘Best netbooks’ brought me to THIS article on Crave, god i do love google sometimes. The Dell is still looking good though.

I’m going to make a coffee and then (try) getting stuck into some economics revision, seeing as music work has just flown out of my window at a ghastly rate. I’ll tell you how i get on. xx


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