Can You Call it False Hope?

Sometimes i wonder why i stick with Microsoft. Time after time after time they manage to rip you off by charging ridiculous amounts for their products, and then a couple of months later they take a shit on you and your products break. At first when my Xbox broke, i felt safe in the knowledge that i can get it repaired for free. Then i realised how stressful and complicated the whole process is. In a nutshell, you register your console, register a repair on the Xbox website, and then UPS e-mail you a label to stick on the box you put the Xbox in, then UPS come and pick it up; 2-3 weeks later you’ve got yourself a new xbox. Relatively simple? Yeah, unless UPS send you an e-mail, you try to print off the label but the link they give you isn’t even a valid link. I get an error message every time i click on the link. What a useless load of tripe. I would almost certainly move onto PS3 if it had 1 good game and wasn’t so expensive. I am furious.

And what is worse, i have to write up about various different sub-genres of rock music, hideously boring and lacklustre. First day back at college was O.K, i just have to reside myself in the fact that i only have a year left, as long as i do well in the minimal amount of work that i get, there isn’t a problem and i get into Uni relatively easy.

I just LOLed as i found THIS ironic article on Digg right at the top of the page. Digg have incredible amounts of common sense. x


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