Christ has risen and given me an official follower to my blog. I thank you Iain. My life now has meaning, and purpose, and i can put that Swiss army knife lying on my bed back into the drawer where it originally lived. I never even knew that you hada blog, Iain. Kept that little treasure quiet, ey?

The last few days have been fun, busy, eventful, productive(?) and so on and so forth. Yesterday i went to Nero, went to Daisy’s and watched Transformers, went back to college, went to Nero again, then to Dexters and then to college to watch the second year BTEC’s in their FMP (Final Music Performance), Within these frivolous activities consuming about 7 mugs of coffee and two mugs of tea. I was thoroughly impressed with the FMP, everybody surpassed all expectations that I had. Not that i was expecting a bad performance by any means, i wasn’t prepared for just how professional and accurate they were as a group and in organizing the performance and making it interesting and different to just playing some songs in front of a lacklustre audience. So well done.

I had another driving lesson today, right about now it seems too fun for my own good. I was driving around Brighton Hill today, I drove past Asda and thought of the sensational amount of single mums that would take a right into the Asda car-park as opposed to going straight on, such as myself. Not that I have anything against single mums whatsoever.

I am going to enjoy this fantastic bank holiday weekend off, relax and get geared up for the Reading game on Sunday. I am going to wear the signed Reading shirt that hides in my cupboard, never previously worn, still in its packet. Yes, I do actually have a signed Reading shirt. I think it was from the 06-07 season, or maybe 05-06, definitely one of them. It was when we still had Adie Williams as our captain, I met him and got to go into the changing rooms and meet some of the other players, one of them being James Harper. I think Sam Sodje might have been in there too. I was lucky enough to do this because a bloke that my dad used to work with is now a professional football referee, and he was refereeing for a friendly between Reading and Southampton. So the referee got me a shirt signed by the whole team. Might have been one of the best days of my life so far.

Sonic Youth are playing a song on Jools Holland at the moment. Don’t pretend they are talented, because they are not. A couple of their songs are OK, and don’t even mention ‘Kool Thing’ because it is more than likely that you know it purely from Guitar Hero. They aren’t very good. MY VIEW! Lily Allen is good on it though.

I’m slowly swirling into a spiral, where i will eventually fall into an un-escapable pit of Football Manager 09. I am doing so well in my pre-season as Reading. I bought a brilliant attacking-midfielder called Roger, and i beat Didcot 7-0, only in a friendly unfortunately. So don’t blame me if I never post anything again, just make sure you ring 999 after 7 days of no posts, I WILL be either dead or doing extremely well on FM.

A few of us are doing THIS song in our music class, don’t even pretend you don’t like it; it has to be one of the best classic rock songs ever, there is everything you want in a classic rock song there, epic twelve-string guitar riffs, awful lyrics about cowboys and death threats, a 16-bar guitar solo incorporating pinch-harmonics, and two-way harmonies that simply had to be made purely out of cheese. Fantastic. Oooooo Youtube has a little time marker on it as you hover your mouse across the time-line, how awfully useless.

Bounce bounce bounce POOF x



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  1. Haha, you are not an official follower though are you, just an RSS follower. It now actually says i have one follower every time i open up the dashboard

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