Blue and White

Yesterday was a big day for any Reading FC fan. It was also a big day for Birmingham City fans, but they are simply not important. We needed to win against Birmingham, and Sheffield Utd needed to lose or draw. Sheffield Utd. drew, so I guess we were halfway there, but a very poor performance from the Royals cancelled out any chances of automatic promotion. A bit annoying, but at least we have the play-offs to fall back on. After watching the game I was watching the Best of Jools Holland 2008 and saw this performance by Bon Iver, I remember watching it before his album was out and thinking it was good, but didn’t quite grasp what he was getting at. Then the album came out. Now I can watch this and safely say that it is a brilliant, brilliant performance. Check it:

I have been playing a lot of Football Manager, having just lost my winning streak, eleven games without a defeat. Unfortunately have just slipped to 2nd place, 1 point from the top, Bloody Ipswich. Reading dominate, we will surely be right back up there.

Exams are nearer away than I think, I really need to start buckling down and revising, I should count myself lucky that I only actually have one subject that involves any kind of internal examinations. Poor sods that have four…

THIS shocked me when I read it. It doesn’t seem like China at all to do that, but there is method in the madness I guess. I don’t think England would ever dream of doing such a thing. Could work though.

Not much else to comment on, I appreciated this bank-holiday, albeit fairly short-lived. Shame, really. At least I have conveniently missed the worst day of the week. Every week should start from Tuesday. x


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