To Any Capable Member of the FA:

After just watching the Man U vs Arsenal Champions League Semi-final, I was a little less than disgusted at the referee’s decision to send Darren Fletcher off, not only restricting Man U to ten men for the remaining fifteen to twenty minutes, but ruining Fletcher’s chance of playing in the final, which he was inevitably going to be up until that terrible decision. What baffles me is how Football seems to turn a blind eye to any kind of superior technology that would but surely put an end to these ill-informed decisions. Take cricket for example. The computer-generated images and predictions for LBW’s and wicket’s are pure genius, even if the umpire does make a wrong decision, the television audience can know for certain whether the decision was correct or not. Appeals within cricket are also useful, if the team does not agree with a decision, they can appeal against it, I do believe a given team gets three appeals within a game (please correct me if wrong so I can know). This makes the game overall a hell of a lot fairer. Tennis, golf, even rugby uses more technologically advanced techniques to make the game more accurate. Cricket especially has used some of these techniques for years.

So why can’t the FA just hold their hands up and admit that these techniques would make football a lot fairer, and prevent further incidents like the one described tonight? ‘Oh, but it would make the game less exciting’. Rubbish. Cricket has not got any less exciting than it once was before computers could generate these images. I would like to think the FA could climb off of their high horse and accept the error in their ways.

On other terms, I didn’t bother to download Windows 7 on this computer, it seems too risky to download it onto my main computer, plus backing up this hard-drive would take a lot of work. x

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